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Volunteering with our STEMIA Parent Council is a great way to engage with our school community. The success of our projects heavily relies on volunteer participation. We are incredibly grateful for the families that keep supporting our worthwhile causes. 

Please take a look at our current volunteer opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year. 

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Why Volunteer with Us?

Make meaningful connections with other parents
Expand your social network
Make a positive difference for our students
Gain valuable skills
Improve self-esteem
Develop cultural awareness
Positive health benefits
Gain valuable insight on how the school operates


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There are many youth volunteer opportunities available for Junior High and High school students. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities available throughout the city.
With 21 public libraries all over the city, Calgary Public Library offers many volunteering opportunities for both adult and youth prospects. Adult volunteers first go through tests and police inspections. If you’re an adult volunteer, some of the work you can do is facilitating child playdates and teen career programs.

If you’re a youth volunteer, you can share your knowledge as part of Math Quest, Coding Buddies & Code Club, and many other learning programs. Calgary Public Library also helps the best volunteers in Calgary by offering the Bright Futures Scholarship.

Calgary Food Bank lends a hand to many families and individuals in need of a stable food source. It’s certainly had some of the best volunteers in Calgary over the years.

The food bank distributes over 100,000 food hampers every year with the help of generous sponsors and food partners.

As long as you pass their test for health and safety training, you can volunteer as a crate washer, distributor, or ID scanner. They can also station you in their warehouse, baby room, or at their call centre.

Calgary Drop-in Centre is the place to best volunteer in Calgary if you want to help homeless people find a home of their own.

This charity organization helps homeless people get back on their feet by providing temporary shelter, employment training, health services, and housing support.

You can help by serving food, knitting winter wear, and assisting in warehouse activities when you apply to volunteer. The best part is that you can volunteer as an individual or as a group.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) offers medical solutions, shelter, and other support programs to rescued animals in Calgary.

You can volunteer as a caregiver to the Safe Haven, a shelter for homeless animals. They are also occasionally looking for volunteers willing to help in fundraising, transportation, and publicity.

As long as you can meet their requirements, such as committing for at least a year, AARCS will be the way for you to best volunteer in Calgary.

Youth Central was established in 1992 to provide volunteering opportunities for the youth. They provide vital roles to empower the youth and improve their skills.

They have outreach programs and municipal work you can immerse yourself in. Youth Central also has an ongoing program called the Calgary Youth Foundation, where volunteers scout worthy community projects and pitch them to potential funders.

If you’re within the 12-to-18-year-old age range, then you can register as a volunteer. You’ll be updated for opportunities on their site and your volunteer hours will also reflect on your profile 48 hours after your work.

Grow Calgary is Canada’s largest urban community farm. They are a non-profit organization that grows fresh produce for social agencies in Calgary with food access programs.

Thanks to their volunteers and the generous spirit of the community, they have managed to donate to over 40 Compassionate Food Access Agencies in Calgary, with 95% of their recipients being women and children. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that all residents of Calgary, especially those who are
vulnerable and living in poverty, have consistent access to healthy, local food.

With the belief of “There’s no limit to the hero you can be!”, Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA) offers various ways for you to help other people. Through this organization, you can volunteer, join fundraisers, donate money, or contribute items.

To create more opportunities to help cerebral palsy patients, CPAA also has creative programs and events. Such events include poker nights, golf tournaments, and artisan markets.

You can thus volunteer for any of their events or fundraisers. But if you want to do more, you can also sign up as one of their members, where you can also have fun attending and organizing CPAA’s health & wellness programs.

The Canadian Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (CaTNA) is an organization made up of volunteers who provide information and support to Canadians with this disorder. They have support groups in communities across Canada and are ready to help establish additional groups as needed.

Support Group meetings are regularly in each community. There are no fees to attend although a donation at the meeting is always welcome.

To visible minorities, marginalized groups, both young and old, Diversecities is a community service that provides assistance in four key life areas: Economic Integration, Social Connection, Well-being, and Learning. They uniquely form long-term relationships and guide Calgarians to reach their full potential.

Diversecities is eager to practice human-centred ways of thinking, using an empathic and experientially driven approach to their programs.

They aim to return to the very core of the principles the organization was founded on: to create an inclusive and supportive society, where all peoples have equitable access to every aspect of good that Canada has to offer.

Inn from the cold’s mission is to provide shelter and housing to help children and their families to achieve independence. What’s great about them is that they focus on the wellness of children, youth, and families to break the cycle of homelessness.

Even though they only have three programs, their impact is still huge. The Homeless Prevention and Diversion Program helps families to either stay in their existing home or even locate available permanent housing as soon as possible. what’s great about this project is that the delivery of service is customized according to each family’s unique circumstances and needs.

Their second program is the Emergency Shelter Program wherein they would provide emergency shelter to families when they’re unable to stay in their existing homes and there’s no suitable housing available in the community. In addition to this, the program also covers other basic needs for families, such as food, clothing, footwear, toiletries, baby items, and special supplies for children and youth.

Lastly, their Housing Program which includes case management, housing, financial help with damage deposits and rent if needed, and coordinated support.